50% discount on Monvy
50% discount on Monvy


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Sign up as a Monvy partner

Fill out the form and complete the application. Once we have assessed the application, you will have access to our Portal

Being chosen by Monvy users

When Monvy users create an account they make a choice of one of our legal partners. These can also be changed by Monvy users later.

Get notifications of new files

When Monvy partners have chosen for you, you are automatically notified of an escalated invoice and the process begins.

Handle the file with our advanced dashboard.

In our dashboard you can manage all files and there is the ability to communicate with Monvy users and draft legal letters.

The Future of Legal File Management.

Monvy is the ultimate all-in-one platform for accounts receivable management, invoicing and advanced automated tracking.
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Reputation and Experience

A proven track record in the legal industry, including a strong reputation for professional ethics and case outcomes

Quality Service

A consistently high level of customer service and client satisfaction, with demonstrated skills in efficient and effective case handling.

Respond within the specified time frame

We understand that not all business owners have detailed

Compliance with Data and Information Security

Strict adherence to data and information security protocols, especially regarding client data and confidential information.

The right certifications

This ensures that legal partners working with Monvy are qualified and maintain a high level of professionalism and ethical standards.